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What are Pop Up Adverts?

Pop up ads are advertisments that show up in a new browser window. There’s no one standard size for popup ads. Popup ads also vary widely in the amount of browser commands that show in the window.

Pop-up ads are just one form of internet advertising used by advertisers to get web users’ attention. Among these other types of ads are ads located within a page you’re reading, ads that appear when you’re clicking from one page to another (these are called interstitials), ads that appear when you’ve searched for a keyword or term, ads that are highly animated or appear as interactive games, ads that appear like stand alone websites, ads that appear in email, branded sites or sponsored webpages (the advertiser’s brand appears on all pages and the page composition might have been modified to fit the advertiser’s logo or brand colors/layout), paid listing, and many others.

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How to comply with the cookie law

If your business/company is located here in the UK, your site needs to meet the new cookie regulations.

You literally have to tell your visitors about which cookies you use and how people are able to delete/ control them.

How we can help you?

We believe that you should have a privacy policy for every single page.
Even better is to provide a data protection notice visible to all visitors coming to your website.

Appropriate working of the privacy policy:

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