All very popular browsers allow you to some sort of control over cookies.
You at home can set whether you’d like to accept or deny cookies, You can even set up a way for your certain browser to tell you every single time a cookie is offered to you.

Its different for windows PC’s and Apple products


On Google Chrome

Click on The tools option and click on “options”. Then you have to tap on “Under the bonnet” next locate “privacy” and then click on “Content Settings” tab. Then finally click on Cookie settings and select the settings that you want.


First of all click on “preferences” which is on the edit menu.

Press Privacy and security, finally click on cookie and set your settings from there.


First of all you need to go to the main menu, then preferences which is at the very bottom of the menu.

Tap on Privacy and click on one of the options available to you. Please note: You might have to edit your own cookie settings on the actual server/domain.



Internet explorer number 5

This ones very easy just click on preferences, tap on privacy and security and finally cookies then edit it from there.


Tap on preferences at the edit menu. Next click on Security and the cookie settings will be shown to you in the same window and then choose how you’d like it.