The majority of cookies are fairly simple to delete.


Deleting cookies on Google Chrome

  • Tap on “tools” and then click “options”
  • Next is “under the bonnet” the privacy section and then “clear browsing data” option
  • click “delete cookies and other site data” to remove all the cookies on that particular list
  • Then it’s “clear browsing history” to get rid of all traces of the websites you have visited.
  • Next “Empty the cache” to get rid of cached site pages
  • You can removed saved usernames and passwords
  • Then “Clear browsing data” finally close when your completely finished.


  • you can delete any amount of cookies at the end of any browsing session, by selecting the privacy option
  • Then press preferences
  • Next tap on the manage cookies option and delete whatever cookies you’d like too



  • First of all click on preferences on the safari menu
  • choose the security icon
  • Then the show cookies button
  • Next press the cookies you want to delete and delete them


  • Press on the tools menu then tap on cookie manager
  • Select manage stored cookies
  • then choose which ones you want to delete and delete