In the month of may in 2011, new laws came into play which affect most of the internet’s web sites.

If a certain website uses cookies they must show information to visitors of that site under the Electronic Communications regulations 2011.

UK Regulations

1. The person owning the website we not be able to gain info or store it.
Or somehow gain info that is stored.

2. The UK regulation requires the subscriber or the user

Has provided clear information about all the purposes of storing info, gaining info and that they have given there consent

3. Certain electronic communication networks are shared with various people used to store and gain access to terminal equipment which gains information on more than one time then the requirements have been met.

4. the paragraph one shouldn’t apply technical storage and access to any information for the purpose of transmitting electronic communications.

What do these regulations mean?

The regulations simply mean that the sites operator cannot store or gain access to any information that is stored within the computer of a user.

They can only access or store information if the user has been provided with clear
information about the store and purposes.


You can get a penalty for not complying with the requirements which can result in a maximum fine of £550,000 this is for extreme cases.

Before is was only £5,000 for not following the requirements and companies didn’t really care so they would disobey but with increased fine it has made companies think twice.